I had the pleasure to work with Tom in 2021, when he joined our company to manage a very complex project that involved changing highly technical raw material vendors, interfacing with multiple Design Engineers and Project Managers, and making connections with several customers in order to validate and approve those changes.

All that against a very tight timeline imposed by governmental regulations. Tom managed all these variables in a way that only a senior, highly trained, experienced professional could manage.

While driving the organization to do and achieve what was supposed to be achieved via well developed project management tools, meetings and frequent communication, he kept calm under enormous pressure, and was able to get all parties (suppliers, internal peers, customers) to work together aiming for the right timely outcome.

I’m sure that any organization that may need support with highly complex projects will benefit from Tom’s abilities, character, and great personality. Tom is a fantastic professional, and I hope to be able to work again with him in the future.

Renato Maschetto de Sa Director Global Procurement Automotive at Sensata Technologies

Tom is a great and experienced professional. He has brought us a lot as Project Manager in Sensata.

He has been effective from Day 1. He has a high level of ownership, is tenacious, organized, clear in his verbal and written communication. He is demanding towards his team but above all a great team player.

He has brought the projects he was leading to a high level, satisfying both internal and external customers.

Definitely a great guy to work with!

Nicolas Sergent Project Management Director, Powertrain Europe at Sensata Technologies

One of the first things that impressed me about Tom was how quickly he learnt and got effective on the job.

On just his second day at work, we had to visit a supplier together to discuss a difficult situation and it was great to see that he had read up a lot on the situation a night before and asked lots of questions on the way as well, which helped him contribute effectively in the meeting.

Tom remains calm in a crisis, tries to think out of the box for solutions and always maintained a friendly, approachable demeanor towards people around him creating a good team environment.

Harsh Kulkarni Engineering Director - Sensata Technologies

Tom is een zeer gedreven hands-on productie manager die geen obstakel uit de weg gaat.

Hij heeft een goed oog voor verbeterprocessen, zowel kwalitatief als kwantitatief en zijn no-nonsense werkwijze maakt dat dit tot praktische resultaten leidt.
Tom creƫert daarvoor het team om zich heen om de gestelde doelen effectief te bereiken.

Happy Brens Commissaris RvC - Micronit Microtechnologies B.V.

Tom is a modern highly energetic and ambitious COO and a true leader.

With his persistence and strong business acumen he completed the team of executive directors.

With the transition into a new High Volume Strategy he managed the Operations and Supply Chain to the next level.

High outputs, improved lead times and high profits…Besides that he is a nice guy to work with!

Remy Cuny CFO - Rollepaal Group

Tom is een gedreven en ervaren operations manager.

Hij heeft het doorzettingsvermogen om langdurige veranderprojecten tot een succes te maken waarbij hij de ongoing business niet uit het oog verliest.

Een heldere visie op de inrichting van productie heeft ervoor gezorgd dat we als Operations team veel hebben bereikt.

Als manager heeft Tom een continue drive om als team te verbeteren en altijd het beste resultaat te bereiken. Als collega is hij open en direct, ook in het geven en ontvangen van feedback. Hij staat voor zijn team!

Lennart de Regt Manager Engineering - Micronit Microtechnologies B.V.

In the midst of a reorganisation proces, Tom was appointed factory manager, and didnt have the easiest conditions to work with. He did this with flair and drive.

Tom is a dedicated, straight forward, loyal, hard-working guy, who feels & displays a lot of ownership for his tasks. He is able to move between day-to-day details and strategic helicopterview. His flexibility can be dedicated from the number of roles he has had (Prod, Eng, Qual, Pur)

Roland Sniekers Managing Director - Eurotechniek B.V.

It is my pleasure to recommend Tom. I worked together with Tom both in his function as production manager at Eaton Electrical and in his function as Operational Excellence Manager at Eaton Electrical.

Tom is a fine colleague to work with. He is highly intelligent and has very good analytical skills. Tom always demonstrates a strong eagerness to improve product and process and increase efficiency, effectiveness and decrease costs. Tom is able to come up with new creative ideas and has the ability to create acceptance and commitment for such ideas.

During his period as production manager he structured and reorganized his part of the production organization and improved both performance and quality. Tom demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to success. He did an excellent job in selling and buying machining equipment for our sheetmetal and copper production facility.

In his period of Operational Excellence manager Tom realized coherence within the overall Eaton Business System and within our total organization. And he created awareness of the importance of an integral responsibility for continuous improvement cycles. Tom provides current, direct, complete and actionable positive, corrective and constructive feedback to others. Tom takes ownership of his targets and gets things done and he does make a difference.

Bert Timmer Quality Manager - Eaton Industries

Tom is an experienced Operations Manager, with a deep knowledge of the complete Lean toolbox.

In addition to this, Tom has excellent skills in managing and guiding the process of purchasing the right equipment at the right price.

Marko Blom CTO - Micronit Microtechnologies B.V.

I would decribe Tom as follows:

Huge Drive, Self Starter, Open, Analytical, Result & Customer focused,

A fine colleague to work with. He really brings a difference.

Henk Schreuder Product Line Sales Manager Northern Europe - Eaton Power Management
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